Thursday, October 9, 2008

Step Team

Okay so i have been staying after for step team now i know all of you are thinken what in the wold white girls dont have rythem so dont get on me yet iv been tryen to find my rythem I really love step and its because of ROTC now that is a whole nother story but anyways tryouts for step team is next Wednesday and I am soooooo nerviouse but i have been tryen im maken friends in this school didnt think it was possible but apparently it is I love school but I love after school the most.I need to pracitice the saying is practice makes perfect GOD i need help. I was about to quit after one day but i didnt but do you know why, because I learned from ROTC to never give up the ship so i didnt. I love step so far I just want to be on this team HELP!!!!

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Mel said...

Go for it.

And pratice really is the only hope for the rhythmically challanged. (aka us white girls)

Marching band kicked my ass! Hand brain mouth coordination to play an instrument was bad enough. They expected me to walk AND play. [snort] and not walk into anyone or anything else? [Giggle..silly band director!] And omg remember a pattern and make formations. [oh my sides hurt. i can't stop laughing]

I can't imagine adding in walking funny too. I can barely clap in time to songs I know inside and out.

Good luck...

Just don't practice in your room... wait..your room is over your mom's not mine.

Practice all you