Monday, October 13, 2008

math the worst subject of them all

Okay to all you math people out there I'm sorry but dang i can not stand math my mom says its genetic but i just don't like i never have i NEVER will. I got my interum on Thursday and got an E in Geometry Yea i know your all thinking E what the hell is an E its an F but i guess its just worse.I hate math my mom hates math my brothers hate math my dad hates math so i believe my mom it is genetic that's why I'm getting a tutor today Lord i hope he can help me cause if he doesn't, I will be a senior taking Geometry I can not be that kid I'm alreadyin the 11th grade and taking it. Okay all i wanted to do was vent about how much i hate math. Thats all and Mel I did Spell check

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Mel said...

Steph, thanks for the spell check!!

Math... okay is geometry really MATH..I mean they care more about the damned proofs and theorems than the freakin answer. And they get really pissed off when you get the right answer, using ones they weren't expecting.

Don't ask how I know this.


And when they show you the way they expected it to be found, and you ask them WHY that's the answer and yours isn't....they send you to the office for being insubordinate.

Don't ask who I know this....


It was in Ferris Buellar right? Breakfast Club? (OMG I just told how old I am didn't I)