Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers day


Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hello so Im writing because I havent written anything in sooo long so its update time, So lets see I went to my ring dance and got my class ring. Which means that I am basicly a senior which means my mommy and daddy are DYING inside and my mommy said that August isnt comming this year cause that would mean that Im going to be 18 and legal yea daddy has no hair and mommy is ready to pull her's out. Only because I told my daddy Id never grow up, I was six what do you expect from a 6 year old. Any who for my 18th birthday I may be going to see Motley Crue with my dad, man is my mommy nervous now. You probably realize that Im calling her mommy and Im 17 well that part of me is still a little girl. But anyways thats all I really have to say soooo bye

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

why me Wednesday!!!

So I'm writing this blog on why me Wednesday to tell you whats up with me.

1.I have to get ready for prom on may 9Th...why me
2.I stopped drinking mountain dew on Monday....WHY ME
3.I am peeing every 5 minutes...why me
4.I want to get a 4Th tattoo and cant....WHY ME
5. I'm sick today...why me!!!

Well that's really all I have to say for why me Wednesday.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

long time no talk

hey everyone I know ti has been forever since Iv been on but any ways its easter weekend as everyone should know I have been at my nana's house since Thursday and Im already kind of tired of everyone and lord knows Im ready to go home but anyways Tomarrow is easter and I am kinda excited my little sister is having her second easter. But anyways I got a new tattoo and for my easter present Im going to get another one yay that will make three. Um I know Im just rambling on and on but I really dont know what to say Im kinda tired and kinda ready to just sleep but that just doesnt happen in this house I think its worse than a frat house crazy right. I really dont know what to say so yea have a good one.


Monday, March 9, 2009

what drives me mad...

What Drives me Mad is....

What drives me mad is when that guy that you like comes over to you and hugs you and tells you that he loves you to DEATH but just as a friend. What drives me mad is when you wait for that perfect guy all your life and dont realize that he was standing in front of your face the whole time.But one thing that drives me bonkers is when that foot popping kiss comes along and you have no idea what to do because he has been with you for so long as ''JUST FRIENDS''!!


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is my big brother's birthday he would have been 19 today and I will be 18 in August and usually we go to his grave and lay flowers down but that's kinda far away from here so what my mom is doing today is writing a letter to him and teeing and balloon to it and sending it off toward the ocean and then we are going to mass at our new church and I wish everyday that he was around because I think me and my big bro would have been partners in crime truly and honestly I don't think any boyfriends would have gotten through the door or for that matter anywhere near me. I do really wish he was here though it would probably be alot better lord knows he would never let anyone hurt me EVER. I don't know I just wish he was here so that I could say my Big Brother Matthew said that. I just wish he was here for ALOT of reasons I don't think I have enough time to tel all of them.

big sis of 6

Saturday, February 7, 2009

love is....

This picture is really what love is.
So this is my love is blog now I know the contest is over but I just had to do it.Well anyways love to me is that foot popping kiss that feeling you get when that guy walks in the room and you about die inside, Then theres that kiss you get that make fire works go off in your head and those angels sing in your ears.There are those beautiful doves that fly off in the back round too. But thats really it I know Im 17 and you all are thinking she is just so young she doesnt know what love is. In a imature world its "I love you because I need you" but in a mature world its "I love you because I love you" Well thats all my I love this I love that for one blog.