Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is my big brother's birthday he would have been 19 today and I will be 18 in August and usually we go to his grave and lay flowers down but that's kinda far away from here so what my mom is doing today is writing a letter to him and teeing and balloon to it and sending it off toward the ocean and then we are going to mass at our new church and I wish everyday that he was around because I think me and my big bro would have been partners in crime truly and honestly I don't think any boyfriends would have gotten through the door or for that matter anywhere near me. I do really wish he was here though it would probably be alot better lord knows he would never let anyone hurt me EVER. I don't know I just wish he was here so that I could say my Big Brother Matthew said that. I just wish he was here for ALOT of reasons I don't think I have enough time to tel all of them.

big sis of 6

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