Monday, October 27, 2008

long time no post

Okay so i know i havent posted in like forever but I have good reasons A: I made the step team and practice makes perfect. B: I got a B on a quiz in Geomtry and I am just amazed you shulda seen my mom's face she said " Great its gonna snow" I laughed and s did everyone else and all the thanks goes out to my tutor Josh Nikkia's hubby and finally C: HOMEWORK I have SATs comming up i am so nervious. Colleges loook at me because of my scores and more importantly military does too. That is the most important I plan t go into the navy but first Ill be doing a job in the navy while they are paying for my college education to become a lawyer in the military long story short im ding JAG well thats all i have to say for today.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

one of those days

So today has been INSANE 6:47am Danny and I missed the bus and chuck had to bring us to school. So my morning kinda sucked 2nd thing was at about 8:00 am and I was already annoyed so of course i wasnt in the mood to hear anything. Then my wonderful teacher can you sense the sarcasim, gives me an assignment the compare and contrast paper JESUS! So of course i did the paper finished it then went to acting and ya know that wasnt that bad UNTIL.... he asks me to do a monologue all alone in front of the whole entire class OMG okay so i do it and i was goo then around 10:15am I go to NJROTC where i get my uniform inspected by the XO I can honestly say I do not like that damn senior thenk God she will be gone before next year woooo!!!! But than my day starts looking up a recrooter walks into ROTC and ya know i was all excited since in going into the military and then i go to talk to him once everyone else is gone and I walk over to him and we talk about my plan and he gave me one of those looks like OMG and tells me the only thing that he can see wrong with me is my weight i say " I know that" and he says ya know thats different most chicks wanna smack me when i say stuff like that,LMAO I know im a big girl but i look good with it im proud of my badonkadonk. Then I go to drivers ed yippi i get to talk to all my friends who are pretty much all guys,we talk about football and other sports so ya know I LOVE DRIVERS ED. Then i go into FBLA and we had a christmas party and ate and talked ya know just a good time then I went to step practice and 2 people were about to fight but that was fixed QUICK!!! But anyways thats what i did today and I hope you all had a good day.

Monday, October 13, 2008

math the worst subject of them all

Okay to all you math people out there I'm sorry but dang i can not stand math my mom says its genetic but i just don't like i never have i NEVER will. I got my interum on Thursday and got an E in Geometry Yea i know your all thinking E what the hell is an E its an F but i guess its just worse.I hate math my mom hates math my brothers hate math my dad hates math so i believe my mom it is genetic that's why I'm getting a tutor today Lord i hope he can help me cause if he doesn't, I will be a senior taking Geometry I can not be that kid I'm alreadyin the 11th grade and taking it. Okay all i wanted to do was vent about how much i hate math. Thats all and Mel I did Spell check

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Step Team

Okay so i have been staying after for step team now i know all of you are thinken what in the wold white girls dont have rythem so dont get on me yet iv been tryen to find my rythem I really love step and its because of ROTC now that is a whole nother story but anyways tryouts for step team is next Wednesday and I am soooooo nerviouse but i have been tryen im maken friends in this school didnt think it was possible but apparently it is I love school but I love after school the most.I need to pracitice the saying is practice makes perfect GOD i need help. I was about to quit after one day but i didnt but do you know why, because I learned from ROTC to never give up the ship so i didnt. I love step so far I just want to be on this team HELP!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

High School

Okay so i told you all i would have stuff to talk about from school well here it comes, I go to Maury High School and i like it now last year and the year before i went to Heritage High School I miss that school SO much and don't get me wrong(mom) i love this new school but its also because there are some REALLY hot guys in this school one emparticular. His name may not be revealed some of you know him as CO but anyways he keeps acting like he likes me like he sent me a text last night and said "chocolate is sweet honey is too but no one likes you as much as i do" Now wouldnt you think he liked you but you all know how high school has drama and gossip well i heard from a sourse that CO likes me but i heard from a different source that he doesnt dang i wish i could just know, i mean i even told him i liked him and he didnt say anything.What do i do what do i say. HELP!!!!!! Okay thats all i have to say for today and about that so ill talk to you guys in my next blog BYE!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Redskins My Kinda Team

Ok so I am just to happy the Redskins won today when they went against the Eagles, I am just amazed, and as a fan i can also say i did not think they were going to win. But they did and last sunday they beat the cowboys.YAY, and I got to brag about it.Now we all know the Redskins arent the best team and for the past seasons we have basicly sucked but we have been doin pretty good.Now My family is an all around Redskins fan. My Uncles, My cousins, My mom, My dad But ya know it really Rocks this year to be a fan and i completely love it. I was able to wear a Redskins hoodie without getting told i was crazy to like them but now Im just ecstatic to be a fan but anyways im done talken about the Redskins.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

But im not a fan

Hi my name is Stephanie. Im 17 and I am completely obsessed with the Jonas Brothers the reason im writing this blog is because i told my mom when I met the Jonas Brothers I'd never be a fan well guess what i met them and OMG i love them, I listen to them non stop well, I listen to other things too but the funny thing about it is, that i told my mom i would never like them, i love them to death me and my mom are best friends and I won a contest in august to meet the Jonas brothers and instead of taking one of my friends like a normal teenager i took my mom me and i tell her everything at least the stuff that i know i wouldnt get grounded for of course but anyways im about totally get off the subject but im 17 years old and the oldest of six now dont get me wrong i love my siblings but if i could there are days i would really kill them,I mean yea they come in handy sometimes when i want a drink from the kitchen and I dont feel like getting up they come in there, but ya know if i was ever in trouble i know they would be there even though my little brother tried to sell me for a barney tape when we were little but he likes me a little more.At leaset thats what he tells me i hope its true ,All i know is that we get along great when it comes down to football and baseball we are together on hundred percent.But anyways this blog is about the jonas brothers and i got off the subject the Jonas Brothers totally get the point of beinga teenager they said them selves that they talk about all the stuff a teen goes through well they werent lien they come in for my in every way with their love songs.but thats all i really have to say cause im runnen out of stuff to say but just wait i go to high school i have lots to say about that.