Saturday, October 4, 2008

But im not a fan

Hi my name is Stephanie. Im 17 and I am completely obsessed with the Jonas Brothers the reason im writing this blog is because i told my mom when I met the Jonas Brothers I'd never be a fan well guess what i met them and OMG i love them, I listen to them non stop well, I listen to other things too but the funny thing about it is, that i told my mom i would never like them, i love them to death me and my mom are best friends and I won a contest in august to meet the Jonas brothers and instead of taking one of my friends like a normal teenager i took my mom me and i tell her everything at least the stuff that i know i wouldnt get grounded for of course but anyways im about totally get off the subject but im 17 years old and the oldest of six now dont get me wrong i love my siblings but if i could there are days i would really kill them,I mean yea they come in handy sometimes when i want a drink from the kitchen and I dont feel like getting up they come in there, but ya know if i was ever in trouble i know they would be there even though my little brother tried to sell me for a barney tape when we were little but he likes me a little more.At leaset thats what he tells me i hope its true ,All i know is that we get along great when it comes down to football and baseball we are together on hundred percent.But anyways this blog is about the jonas brothers and i got off the subject the Jonas Brothers totally get the point of beinga teenager they said them selves that they talk about all the stuff a teen goes through well they werent lien they come in for my in every way with their love songs.but thats all i really have to say cause im runnen out of stuff to say but just wait i go to high school i have lots to say about that.

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