Thursday, January 29, 2009

thirsty thursday

Today is thirsty thursday the day you can talk about all your thirsts even if their bad.

1.I thirst a little more everyday to be in the Navy

2. I thirst everyday to find that perfect guy.

3. I thirst all day everyday to to see the Jonas Brothers again..especially nick

4.I thirst everyday to be a Lawyer.

5. I thirst everyday to get that foot popping kiss.

6. I thirst every time I see that guy who just wants to be friends

7. I thirst everyday I see my brothers in my room, I thirst to want to kill them just a little more.

8. I thirst everytime I go to school to, pass geomtry a little more

9. I thirst everyday to take a long nap

10. And finally I thirst to watch NCIS every single day.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Me Wednesday

1. I woke up late and missed the bus... Why me
2. I woke up feeling sick this morning... Why me
3. I had to babysit all day long... Why me
4. My mom keeps blaming me for crap I did not do....WHY ME
5. I took a nap today and woke up to a big head ach...Why me
6.I keep getting forword text messages from random people... why me
7. I am friggen exhausted...Why me
8.the guy I like just wants to be friends...Why me
9. why do I always get blamed for the crap the little kids do...Why me
10.and finally I dont get to babysit friday...WHY ME

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Exam Week

This week is exam week amd I HATE EXAM WEEK. This week has been insane, the craziest exam week EVER, Monday I had no school but that was planned. Tuesday I didnt have school that how eve was not planned, the school system blames that on the weather BULLSHIT!! It was so for the inauguration now dont get me wrong I understand it was history in the maki ng but dang.But anyways that brings me to Wednesday it was supposed o be a half day well that was changed in the last 5 minutes of first bell I had to stay all friggen day. Then that brings me to today thursday I am exhausted and dont feel good the only thing was that the exams I took werent to bad. Tomorrow is Friday and Im happy it friday and all except for the fact that I have my Geomtry exam Tomorrow anyone want to take it for me. Oh but not just this week next week too and what sux the most is that I wasnt supposed to have school monday now I do damn it man. But anyways Im done for the night I think Im gonna watch NCIS. PEACE!!!1


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

why me Wednesday

Why me wed. is all about what happens on wed.

1. I had to take a test today in history.... why me

2. I had a full day of school on a half day... why me

3. I need a car I can call my own... why me

4. I had to do chores today... why me

5. I had to babysit today.... why me

6. I missed my favorite show last night...why me

7. I need a job BAD!!.. why me

8. I need more why Me's.... why me

well that's my Why me Wednesday

Big Sis Of 6

Friday, January 2, 2009


Friends are the hardest thing to come by. Im telling you I know one thing Im very tired of two faced people and very tired fromdumb drama filled people. Im tired of being the only one to depend on Im just simply tired.I want to be that teenager that can go chill with her friends without haein to deal with drama from other friends. I love my friends dont get me wrong please but I just need a friend that I can depend on Im 17 and Im practicly a mom to like all of my friends. I kinda wish I was 13 again so I wasnt being depended on SOOOOOO MUCH. Im ery sorry for venting to you guys even though half of you I dont know I just wanna be myself. Okay that is all I had to say thanks for reading.