Thursday, January 29, 2009

thirsty thursday

Today is thirsty thursday the day you can talk about all your thirsts even if their bad.

1.I thirst a little more everyday to be in the Navy

2. I thirst everyday to find that perfect guy.

3. I thirst all day everyday to to see the Jonas Brothers again..especially nick

4.I thirst everyday to be a Lawyer.

5. I thirst everyday to get that foot popping kiss.

6. I thirst every time I see that guy who just wants to be friends

7. I thirst everyday I see my brothers in my room, I thirst to want to kill them just a little more.

8. I thirst everytime I go to school to, pass geomtry a little more

9. I thirst everyday to take a long nap

10. And finally I thirst to watch NCIS every single day.


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