Saturday, November 15, 2008

This weekend

Okay so this weekend has already been insane due to the fact that my nana came here thursday, my daddy came Friday with his girlfriend. It has really been this past week, i had a step team competiton today. It was insane people had no idea what they were doin and it was pissen me off BAD. It made my dad leave and he left right before we went on and i actually did good. My coousin got jumped by two guys tonight im just hopen she is okay.Im SO exhausted i havent been this tired in FOREVER. At the moment i think i just need a nap, Oh and on top of everything else I got my reportcard.I have AB honor roll with the exception of FUCKING math I hate math SOOOOOOO much. But anyways i just needed to vent have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


yea i know republican family so we should all vote for McCain but is it bad that I kinda like Obama too cuz he makes alot of interesting points and yea I know your thinking what the hell does she know she's 17 she cant even vote well all yall can kiss my butt! But anyways I have soooo much to say about this damn economy like the fact that while gas is better now it sucked ass last month at almost 4 dollars. But thats not even all Im mad about its the fact that groceries are at suckish prices too man idk but I mean there are also those people who are voting because Obama is black and some are voting for McCain only because he was in the military FOREVER ago ya know I'm not trying to tell y'all who to vote for and who not to vote for but don't go vote just because that's who your family is voting for or thats who your friends are voting for go vote for a person you know that your not gonna regret voting for a year from now, I mean really who do you think is gonna win the black guy who will raise his security then our taxes or a white guy who was in the military only because he wanted to shoot shit man look if I make you mad reading this I'm sorry but damn what else was a supposed to do keep it all bottled up until the new president pisses me off to the point were i need to join the state council in DC to shut all the political BULLSHIT up.That's my fave part about today no more of those dumb founded commercials that were paid for by this and that person.But that's not all I really had to say but it is all i have to say for the day