Thursday, January 22, 2009

Exam Week

This week is exam week amd I HATE EXAM WEEK. This week has been insane, the craziest exam week EVER, Monday I had no school but that was planned. Tuesday I didnt have school that how eve was not planned, the school system blames that on the weather BULLSHIT!! It was so for the inauguration now dont get me wrong I understand it was history in the maki ng but dang.But anyways that brings me to Wednesday it was supposed o be a half day well that was changed in the last 5 minutes of first bell I had to stay all friggen day. Then that brings me to today thursday I am exhausted and dont feel good the only thing was that the exams I took werent to bad. Tomorrow is Friday and Im happy it friday and all except for the fact that I have my Geomtry exam Tomorrow anyone want to take it for me. Oh but not just this week next week too and what sux the most is that I wasnt supposed to have school monday now I do damn it man. But anyways Im done for the night I think Im gonna watch NCIS. PEACE!!!1


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