Monday, October 6, 2008

High School

Okay so i told you all i would have stuff to talk about from school well here it comes, I go to Maury High School and i like it now last year and the year before i went to Heritage High School I miss that school SO much and don't get me wrong(mom) i love this new school but its also because there are some REALLY hot guys in this school one emparticular. His name may not be revealed some of you know him as CO but anyways he keeps acting like he likes me like he sent me a text last night and said "chocolate is sweet honey is too but no one likes you as much as i do" Now wouldnt you think he liked you but you all know how high school has drama and gossip well i heard from a sourse that CO likes me but i heard from a different source that he doesnt dang i wish i could just know, i mean i even told him i liked him and he didnt say anything.What do i do what do i say. HELP!!!!!! Okay thats all i have to say for today and about that so ill talk to you guys in my next blog BYE!

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