Monday, October 27, 2008

long time no post

Okay so i know i havent posted in like forever but I have good reasons A: I made the step team and practice makes perfect. B: I got a B on a quiz in Geomtry and I am just amazed you shulda seen my mom's face she said " Great its gonna snow" I laughed and s did everyone else and all the thanks goes out to my tutor Josh Nikkia's hubby and finally C: HOMEWORK I have SATs comming up i am so nervious. Colleges loook at me because of my scores and more importantly military does too. That is the most important I plan t go into the navy but first Ill be doing a job in the navy while they are paying for my college education to become a lawyer in the military long story short im ding JAG well thats all i have to say for today.

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