Thursday, October 16, 2008

one of those days

So today has been INSANE 6:47am Danny and I missed the bus and chuck had to bring us to school. So my morning kinda sucked 2nd thing was at about 8:00 am and I was already annoyed so of course i wasnt in the mood to hear anything. Then my wonderful teacher can you sense the sarcasim, gives me an assignment the compare and contrast paper JESUS! So of course i did the paper finished it then went to acting and ya know that wasnt that bad UNTIL.... he asks me to do a monologue all alone in front of the whole entire class OMG okay so i do it and i was goo then around 10:15am I go to NJROTC where i get my uniform inspected by the XO I can honestly say I do not like that damn senior thenk God she will be gone before next year woooo!!!! But than my day starts looking up a recrooter walks into ROTC and ya know i was all excited since in going into the military and then i go to talk to him once everyone else is gone and I walk over to him and we talk about my plan and he gave me one of those looks like OMG and tells me the only thing that he can see wrong with me is my weight i say " I know that" and he says ya know thats different most chicks wanna smack me when i say stuff like that,LMAO I know im a big girl but i look good with it im proud of my badonkadonk. Then I go to drivers ed yippi i get to talk to all my friends who are pretty much all guys,we talk about football and other sports so ya know I LOVE DRIVERS ED. Then i go into FBLA and we had a christmas party and ate and talked ya know just a good time then I went to step practice and 2 people were about to fight but that was fixed QUICK!!! But anyways thats what i did today and I hope you all had a good day.

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