Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Redskins My Kinda Team

Ok so I am just to happy the Redskins won today when they went against the Eagles, I am just amazed, and as a fan i can also say i did not think they were going to win. But they did and last sunday they beat the cowboys.YAY, and I got to brag about it.Now we all know the Redskins arent the best team and for the past seasons we have basicly sucked but we have been doin pretty good.Now My family is an all around Redskins fan. My Uncles, My cousins, My mom, My dad But ya know it really Rocks this year to be a fan and i completely love it. I was able to wear a Redskins hoodie without getting told i was crazy to like them but now Im just ecstatic to be a fan but anyways im done talken about the Redskins.

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