Saturday, February 7, 2009

love is....

This picture is really what love is.
So this is my love is blog now I know the contest is over but I just had to do it.Well anyways love to me is that foot popping kiss that feeling you get when that guy walks in the room and you about die inside, Then theres that kiss you get that make fire works go off in your head and those angels sing in your ears.There are those beautiful doves that fly off in the back round too. But thats really it I know Im 17 and you all are thinking she is just so young she doesnt know what love is. In a imature world its "I love you because I need you" but in a mature world its "I love you because I love you" Well thats all my I love this I love that for one blog.


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Tricia said...

awwww thats sooo sweet booboo