Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hey everybody whats up how have you guys been, i hope good, I have been so busy lately that I just havent had time to even read a blog let alone write a blog. I acually have been pretty good lately i got to go to maryland and chill in Alexandria for like 3 days and that was fun except my cousin's friend ANTTHONY. That kid needs to go play in traffic some where but you think i dont like him you should go talk to my nana. My friend Ralph who is like a brother to me messed with a girl, got her pregnant but it wasnt all bad that little boy is the cutest thing next to my sister Emily and my little cousin Caleb of course. I am going to be in a parade on Saturday the 6th and im so excited and then it is also my friends bday that day so ya know me its time to be on chill mode. Um thats really all i have to say cause i cant think of naything else so ''goodbye, so long to you my friends its been great to read and write together in the bolgs and now its time to say goodbye'' compliments of the wonderful disney show OUT OF THE BOX.

Love, Stephanie glover

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